And finally… wage against the machine

And finally... wage against the machine

A shop owner has been arrested and charged for giving his employees a raise.

Myanmar’s military regime accused Pyae Phoo Zaw, one of at least 10 arrested business owners, of inciting public unrest after news of his decision was widely shared on social media, The New York Times reports.

Raises are seen as undermining the regime by making people believe that inflation is rising. Critics have said it is a desperate attempt to control the narrative around the country’s economic collapse.

Human rights lawyer Kyee Myint said: “Arresting shop owners because of the increase in prices is not following any law. In Myanmar, the law exists only in name, so from a legal standpoint, everything the junta is doing is absurd.”

An anonymous employee of Zaw’s phone shops said: “We were very grateful for the salary increase, but now the shop is closed and I don’t get paid. Ordinary people like us are suffering from high prices, almost to the point of despair.”

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