And finally… vulgarian

A new card game inspired by party hit Cards Against Humanity has been refused patent protection in Bulgaria for insulting the country’s “ancient and eternal values”.

Much like the US game, Cards Against Bulgarianness sees players combine cards with short phrases to create funny and offensive statements.

However, Bulgaria’s patent office has refused an application by the game’s makers on the basis that its name “will be perceived as an insult to the ancient and eternal values of Bulgarians”, RFE/RL reports.

The decision goes on to say the name violates “rules of public order” and “good manners”, which “do not allow the manifestation of discrimination, vulgarity, and mockery”.

The game’s married makers, lawyer Mimi Shishkova-Petrova and screenwriter Radoslav Petrov, have launched a legal challenge against the patent office’s decision.

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