And finally… udder disaster

A real estate agent has incurred a hefty fine of $20,000 (around £12,000) for drinking milk directly from the container while showcasing a house for sale.

During a viewing in 2022, the Canadian real estate agent, Mike Rose, became parched and opted to quench his thirst with milk from the seller’s fridge, having failed to find water, according to North Shore News.

This incident was discovered by the sellers who examined surveillance footage from a camera discreetly placed within their home. Evidently, Mr Rose had neither sought permission from the sellers to consume the milk, nor had he offered to replace it afterwards.

When questioned by the sellers if there was anything he wished to disclose, he allegedly responded “The milk?”. In response, the sellers banned him from their property, publicised the surveillance video, and his agency with other clients was consequently terminated.

Defending himself before a financial regulator, Mr Rose maintained that this incident was an anomaly, attributed to a new medication which induced thirst and personal stress he was experiencing. The regulator’s ruling further disclosed that he consented to pay the $20,000 fine and a $2,500 (around £1,470) enforcement expense.

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