And finally… Turkish delight

And finally... Turkish delight

The German government has rejected calls for a price cap on doner kebabs amid uncontrolled “dönerflation”.

Once available for just €3 (around £2.6), the average price of a doner kebab has more than doubled in the past two years, Euronews reports.

Left-wing party Die Linke has proposed a statutory price cap of €4.90 (£4.2) and a reduced rate of €2.90 (£2.48) for young people from poorer areas.

It says this could be achieved by subsidising kebab shops to the tune of €4 billion (around £3.4bn) per year, or by issuing people with doner vouchers.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, however, is unconvinced.

“Well, we live in a market economy,” he told a young person who raised the issue in an online Q&A. “Prices are determined by supply and demand.”

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