And finally… tone-deaf

A police force has been criticised after warning an internet celebrity over his famous out-of-tune renditions of popular songs.

Hero Alom, from Bangaldesh, has almost two million followers on Facebook and nearly 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Evidently, however, not everyone is a fan of his painfully bad singing — with the social media star interrogated by police last month.

According to reports, Alom was detained for eight hours and warned to stop “distorting” classic songs by national treasures Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Writing in Bangaldeshi newspaper The Daily Star, US academic Nadine Shaanta Murshi said: “The state actors who are responsible for keeping communities safe (with guns, no less) are now at the helm of keeping us safe from ostensibly badly sung songs by those we hold in high regard – although that, too, is a matter of taste and preference.

“In an era wherein anyone can produce content, where the markets decide what is good and what is not, as demonstrated by their monetary and click commitments, what does it mean to have the police come down on a single content producer simply because it grates on hegemonic middle-class sensibilities?”

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