And finally… the eyes have it

And finally... the eyes have it

Disapproving stares from members of the public could help discourage smoking in non-smoking areas without the need for police intervention, Hong Kong’s health minister has said.

Professor Lo Chung-mau told a committee of the city’s Legislative Council that, if someone begins smoking a non-smoking area, “everyone on the premises can start at that person”.

“I do not believe that person would dare to hit back at everyone at the restaurant as they are simply staring,” he added.

The health minister suggested this would help to create a “non-smoking culture” in Hong Kong, Sky News reports. Just under one in 10 people in Hong Kong currently smoke and the city is aiming to reduce this figure to 7.8 per cent by 2025.

Professor Lo said: “Take queuing at a bus stop as an example. No one will say it requires the law to compel people to queue. Our society is able to create a culture where people will comply with this rule of queuing when waiting for buses.

“I hope the whole of society can build a non-smoking culture.”

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