And finally… sun, sand and Strauss

A police force has told of its success in discouraging young people from partying at the beach by blasting classical music at the shore.

The likes of Strauss’ The Blue Danube, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Schubert’s Ave Maria have now been used by police in the Finnish city of Espoo to disperse end-of-school-year parties for six years running.

Mikko Juvonen of the Western Uusimaa police department told Yle: “For some reason, classical music doesn’t appeal to young people, and young people stay away from places where there is classical music.”

He added: “It’s better for us to keep the youngsters on dry land, and it’s nice for families to come and swim here in the morning when the beach is clean.”

The music is played through two large loudspeakers from 6.30pm until 11.30pm.

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