And finally… small change

Rapper 50 Cent has taken legal action against a plastic surgeon allegedly using his image to promote penis enhancement surgery.

The lawsuit centres on a photo of the rapper with Angela Kogan, who runs Perfection Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Florida, the Miami Herald reports.

The photo was shared to the clinic’s Instagram page and used prominently in an article promoting penis enhancement surgery.

Lawyers for Curtis J. Jackson III, also known as 50 Cent, say he believed he was taking a photo with a fan and did not know it would be used for commercial purposes.

They also argue that the use of the photo carries the “implication” that their client received the enhancement surgery in question.

“Kogan’s actions have exposed Jackson to ridicule, caused substantial damage to his professional and personal reputation, and violated his right to control his name and image (which has significant economic value),” according to the lawsuit.

50 Cent is seeking monetary damages and an order preventing the clinic from sharing the photo or saying he was a client.

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