And finally… propped-up charges

A record-breaking cache of weapons seized by Spanish police and believed to be linked to terrorism were just movie props, it has emerged.

Police believed they had successfully traced the weapons used in a 2014 attack on a Jewish museum in Belgium to an antiques store in Bilbao, where they found around 10,000 guns.

A judicial investigation, however, found that the guns were antiques, of which only nine – almost all of them from the 19th century – could still be used to fire a shot, The Times reports.

The antiques store, whose owners and associates spent three months in prison as a result of the police error, had meticulously catalogued every weapon in accordance with the law.

Its owners had failed to bring the guns – some of which had been loaned out for film productions such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Guernica – in line with one new regulation, but were not guilty of terrorism.

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