And finally… pride and prejudice

And finally... pride and prejudice

Hindu nationalists are suing a zoo to prevent a lioness named after a Hindu deity from sharing an enclosure with a lion named after one of India’s Muslim emperors.

Sita – named after an avatar of Lakshmi, one of the principal goddesses of Hinduism – is reportedly sharing an enclosure in the West Bengal zoo with Akbar, named for the Mughal emperor who conquered much of the Indian subcontinent.

A spokesperson for Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), which is bringing the lawsuit, said: “Sita cannot stay with the Mughal emperor Akbar.”

The group says this “amounts to blasphemy and is a direct assault on the religious belief of all Hindus”, The Guardian reports.

VHP seeks a court order banning zoos from using religious names for animals.

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