And finally… paper trail

A pair of security guards who found a huge bag of money left behind by robbers targeting their workplace pocketed the cash and went on a spending spree – before having it taken from them by fake police officers.

The bizarre chain of events began with the robbery of Quest Financial Services in Harare, Zimbabwe last month, in which $780,000 USD (around £610,000) was stolen, local newspaper The Observer reports.

While escaping the crime scene, the robbers dropped a plastic bag said to contain $53,000 USD (around £41,500).

Two security guards working at the site subsequently found the bag and decided to keep the money for themselves. Both bought cars, one bought a residential property and the other paid a dowry.

However, their spending spree was cut short when they were confronted by men claiming to be police officers, who took the remaining money. It later turned out that these men were impersonating the police.

The two security guards were later arrested and have pleaded guilty to theft. They are awaiting sentencing.

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