And finally… order order!

A police officer rapped by a judge for drinking a can of Coca-Cola while appearing in court by video link has been ordered to distribute 100 cans to local lawyers.

The officer, who was giving evidence to Gujarat High Court in western India, was spotted sipping from the can at the start of the hearing, Indian legal website Bar & Bench reports.

Chief Justice Aravind Kumar asked him: “Is this the way an officer acts? If he would have been in physical court, would he have come with a Coca-Cola can?”

The judge then shared an anecdote about a lawyer who appeared in court while eating a samosa, explaining: “We said we don’t have any objection to him eating samosa but the only issue was that he cannot eat samosa in front of us and everyone since others are also tempted. Either he should give it to everybody or he shouldn’t eat.”

The prosecutor, who apologised for the officer’s conduct, was told to direct the officer to distribute 100 cans of Coca-Cola “to everybody in the bar association” by the end of the day.

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