And finally… one for the road

The Toronto Police Service has confirmed the closure of a licensed, fully-stocked bar at its headquarters after an officer who had allegedly drunk there was charged with impaired driving.

The decision was communicated to senior officers in May, with the liquor licence not due for renewal. A spokesperson insisted, however, that the closure was not linked to any specific incidents or investigations.

The Executive Officers Lounge first gained a liquor licence in 1989, according to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The spokesperson said the force will now seek special occasion permits from the AGCO for events where alcohol may be served.

The confirmation of closure follows a CBC Toronto investigation in April, which revealed that Supt. Riyaz Hussein had visited the lounge hours before he was involved in a drink-driving incident. Hussein was later sentenced to a one-year driving ban and a fine of $1,560.

The move to close the bar has gained the support of both the Toronto Police Association and the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, the latter of which stated the closure was overdue and that the existence of the bar was “entirely inappropriate”.

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