And finally… meat is murder

Burgers will disappear from billboards under a Dutch city’s world-first plan to ban meat advertisements from public spaces on climate grounds.

Haarlem, a city of roughly 160,000 people to the west of Amsterdam, will ban the ads from buses, shelters and screens from the start of 2024.

A number of Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague, have already banned ads promoting fossil fuels and air travel, which will also be included in the Haarlem ban.

Ziggy Klazes, a city councillor from the left-wing GroenLinks party, told Dutch newspaper Trouw: “Meat is just as harmful to the environment. We can’t tell people there’s a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that are part of the cause.”

Herman Bröring, a professor of administrative law at the University of Groningen, told Dutch News that there could be an “interesting legal battle” over the new rules, with the meat industry poised to challenge them.

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