And finally… lost their marbles

Greece’s state TV has been criticised for a segment showing viewers how to steal gasoline from cars as fuel prices rise sharply.

“It’s not something terribly complicated … you don’t even need a special tube, even a hose for balconies will do,” station reporter Costas Stamou said during ERT’s morning news show Syndeseis.

After performing the method, a car repairman then indicates where a car’s fuel tank may be pierced to steal the contents.

“Are you guys in your right mind? Giving people tips on stealing gasoline?” said one Twitter user. Another joked: “After the tutorial on two ways to easily steal gasoline, ERT is now preparing new how-to’s on how to open locks and steal wallets.”

Fuel prices have climbed steadily in Greece in recent months, with simple unleaded costing more than €2.37 per litre on average in Athens on Wednesday.

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