And finally… left behind

A shoe shop has has appealed to a bungling thief to “do the right thing” and return 20 stolen shoes – all of them for left feet only.

A reward of $5,000 (around €4,500) has been offered by the Miami-based store for the return of the shoes, which are of dubious resale value without their right-foot counterparts.

CCTV footage shows the shoe thief, possibly with accomplices, breaking into the shop through the roof and then swiping all of the single shoes on the display wall.

Addressing the thief, shop owner Johan Alvarez said on local TV station WSVN: “Just come forward, drop off the shoes, leave them here. I don’t need to turn [the thief] over to the cops.”

He added: “I pray that God puts some sense into them and just do the right thing at least.”

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