And finally… late-career criminals

A gang of elderly alleged robbers with a 70-year-old ringleader has been apprehended, according to police in Italy.

The six suspects include a 75-year-old lookout, while two youngsters in their early 50s bring the average age down to the mid-60s, The Guardian reports.

They are accused of a series of armed robberies at post offices in Rome, including the theft of almost €200,000 from one post office in May 2023.

Police believe that another robbery was meant to take place shortly afterwards, but scrapped due to a 66-year-old gang member’s prostate problems.

Despite struggling with incontinence and telling his colleagues that he “can’t even get on the scooter”, the ringleader refused to let him undergo an operation, according to a wiretapped conversation.

The gang was ultimately caught during a failed post office robbery in November 2023. All six are facing charges of armed robbery.

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