And finally… knock, knock

A police force has been mocked by social media users after boasting about a drug raid that failed to turn up any illegal drugs.

Police in the English town of Keighley tweeted two photos of doors which were knocked in during early morning raids searching for Class A drugs, which include heroin and cocaine.

“Nothing found on this occasion,” they continued, “however we will continue to proactively target those who peddle misery in our town.”

Nearly 600 people have responded to the tweet with derisory comments. One said: “So you bashed two doors in and got nothing out of it? Hope you paid for the damages.”

Another quipped: “I’ve heard of a gang of thugs peddling misery you should look into! They all wear the same thing, like some sort of cult, and they go around vandalising innocent people’s homes. They even brag about it on twitter!”

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