And finally… in the doghouse

And finally... in the doghouse

A woman who dumped her boyfriend after he broke a promise to look after her dogs has failed in a legal bid to force him to pay compensation.

The New Zealand Disputes Tribunal heard that the woman, CL, was expecting her then-boyfriend, HG, to collect her from her home, take her to an airport and then dogsit while she was away.

On the day, the boyfriend didn’t show, leading the woman to miss her flight. She had to re-book travel the following day and put her dogs into a kennel.

CL alleged that HG had “entered into a verbal contract with her” and noted that he “had looked after her dogs in the past”.

However, the tribunal held that “social arrangements” cannot typically be legally enforced.

“In this case I find that the nature of the promises were exchanged as a normal give and take in an intimate relationship and there is nothing that indicated an intention between the parties that HG would be bound by the promises he made,” the tribunal said.

“The parties did not take any steps to show an intention to take the agreement out of a promise made between friends and to create legally binding consequences. Although a promise was made, it falls short of being a contract.

“It forms part of the everyday family and domestic relationship agreements that are not enforceable in the Disputes Tribunal.”

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