And finally… house arrest

A prominent YouTuber who was elected to the Japanese parliament is to be expelled after failing to turn up to a single session since his election eight months ago.

Yoshikazu Higashitani, also known as “Mr. GaaSyy”, became famous online for his celebrity gossip videos before being elected to the Japanese House of Councillors last July.

He was one of two politicians elected for a single-issue party which wants to scrap Japan’s TV license fee, but reportedly lives in Dubai and has refused to return home.

The House of Councillors’ steering committee today voted unanimously to expel Mr Higashitani — making him the country’s first-ever parliamentarian to be expelled without ever stepping foot in parliament.

He is only the third parliamentarian to be expelled since 1950 and the first to be expelled for continued absence.

The committee’s decision is expected to be ratified by the full chamber tomorrow, The Japan Times reports.

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