And finally… high as a kite

Elton John’s half-brother tried and failed to bring an enormous trident spear to his court appearance for possessing magic mushrooms.

Geoff Dwight, 56, from Ruthin in north Wales, brought the long pole-shaped item to Llandudno Magistrates Court last week but was prevented by security guards from bringing it in, North Wales Live reports.

He later told media that it was a “religious” item representing the Hindu deity Shiva and Brittania, which he would have sworn an oath on if that was required by the court.

Mr Dwight claimed: “Brexit happened so we are sailing the high seas of the world again. If I were having to swear an oath, I would have sworn on it.”

He was not required to swear an oath during the proceedings. He pleaded guilty to possessing magic mushrooms and was fined £120 and ordered to pay £119 in costs.

Mr Dwight shares a father with famous singer Elton John, according to the Daily Mirror.

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