And finally… heel of fortune

A fashion worker is suing Stella McCartney’s label for £100,000 after she allegedly suffered a severe ankle injury during a photoshoot.

Chloe Mickelborough, 31, claims the incident took place at McCartney’s Milan base in 2018, resulting in a broken heel and long-term pain. Mickelborough said that the injury now hinders her from wearing high heels and has adversely affected her lifestyle, confining her to supportive footwear and limiting physical activities such as dancing and running.

The brand, renowned for its popularity amongst celebrities and annual revenues exceeding £32.5 million, is challenging the claim. McCartney’s legal team places the responsibility for the incident squarely on Mickelborough, describing her as the “sole author of her misfortune”.

Mickelborough was managing social media content during the ill-fated photoshoot, intending to record an interview with senior executives from the label. Her legal representation outlined in court that the location chosen for the shoot appeared safe and stable, with no visible warnings of potential danger.

The flooring, however, gave way, resulting in a fall and injury. A full trial date at the Central London County Court yet to be determined.

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