And finally… gulpable negligence

A bride and caterer who allegedly fed a cannabis-laced dinner to her unsuspecting wedding guests have been arrested.

Florida woman Danya Svoboda’s wedding reception ended with her speaking to police officers after a number of guests reported feeling sick and high, CBS News reports.

A guest told police that, after confronting Mrs Svoboda over whether there was cannabis in the olive oil, the bride said yes and acted as though she “should be excited as if she were given a gift”.

Other guests reported that, when they complained of stomach issues and “crazy thoughts”, servers told them it was probably the cannabis in the food, which they thought was “common knowledge”.

A number of unwell guests were taken to hospital where they tested positive for THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis.

Mrs Svoboda and caterer Joycelyn Bryant were both arrested and charged with delivery of marijuana and culpable negligence.

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