And finally… gilty conscience

Thieves have returned statues stolen from a 300-year-old Hindu temple after saying they were plagued by “scary dreams” afterwards.

Police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh said 14 precious idols were left outside a police station with an apologetic note less than a week after they were stolen from a nearby temple, The Times of India reports.

The note is said to have read: “We have been suffering from nightmares since we committed the theft and have not been able to sleep, eat and live peacefully. We are fed up with the scary dreams and are returning your valuables.”

The stolen idols included one made of an alloy called ashtadhatu and weighing around five kilograms, three idols of Lord Balaji made of copper and weighing around 10 kilograms, four idols of brass weighing around 15 kilograms, and eight other idols and silver ornaments.

Two of the 16 stolen idols remain missing and police are continuing to hunt for the thieves.

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