And finally… feline good

A notorious cat dubbed the “most prosecuted” in her local area has been vindicated in court after years of litigation.

Miska, a brown tabby cat in Bellevue, Washington, racked up more than $30,000 (around €28,500) in fines for allegedly trespassing on neighbouring properties and taunting other local pets.

Owner Anna Daniele challenged the fines in court and has now, after three years of litigation, reached a settlement which includes a payment of $125,000 (around €119,000) and a review of local rules.

It emerged in the course of the proceedings that one of the neighbours who had complained about Miska was also the head of the county’s animal services.

Attorney Jon Zimmerman said: “This case exposed how government officials can use their influence and positions to take unjust and unreasonable action against neighbours and other people in their personal lives.”

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