And finally… fatkins diet

And finally... fatkins diet

A law student has spoken of developing an addiction to cheese so debilitating that she had no choice but to spend around $12,000 on a two-week stint in rehab.

Adela Cojab told the New York Post that she would “literally just eat a block of cheese with my hands” almost every day, because it was “the only thing that would make me feel somewhat whole”.

The New York University (NYU) student said she would eat around five-and-a-half blocks of cheese per week and ended up at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

She subsequently spent two weeks at a “wellness resort” which advertises a weekly rate of at least $5,820 (around £4,600).

However, she admitted that she continues to “dabble” in cheese, including as a result of stress she claims is caused by Palestine solidarity protests on university campus.

“When I’m really stressed, I’ll have a block of cheese, but it doesn’t happen that often,” she said.

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