And finally… Dutch courage

And finally... Dutch courage

A motorist arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of drink driving was allegedly found to have a fake Ukrainian driving license with Boris Johnson’s name and photograph.

Police in Groningen, in the north of the country, said they arrested a 35-year-old man on Sunday night in the vicinity of an abandoned car crashed into a pole.

The man refused to identify himself and would not undertake a breathalyser test, and police searching the vehicle could only find the fake license, Sky News reports.

The purportedly Ukrainian license had the former prime minister’s name, photo and real date of birth, and said it expired in the year 3000.

“As far as I’m aware, the real Mr Boris Johnson was not in the Netherlands at the time,” police spokesperson Thijs Damstra said.

The force added in a social media post: “Unfortunately for the person, we did not fall for this counterfeit.”

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