And finally… do not disturb

World-famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli is suing a private jet operator after he was warned during a flight about turbulence.

Bocelli, who has sold over 75 million records worldwide, alleges that Private Jet Services of Seabrook provided him with an old, noisy plane and ignored his special requests not to be told about bad weather or turbulence.

According to the lawsuit filed in New Hampshire, the nervous flyer was told by a flight attendant to expect a bumpy ride — causing him “to be anxious and to fear for his safety during the last 20 minutes of the flight”, The Times reports.

It also claims that due to his “heightened hearing sensitivity”, Bocelli, who is blind, could tell that the plane used for his private flight from Santa Ana was not the model agreed upon with the flight operator, which caused him further anxiety.

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