And finally… cold comfort

And finally... cold comfort

A student has been left stunned after receiving two boxes of Weetabix instead of the MacBook he ordered from Amazon.

Yoshihito Kamogari, a second-year business student at the University of East Anglia, had originally planned to return home to Japan for the Christmas period but instead opted to stay in the UK after finding the flight prices unaffordable. He bought the laptop on a monthly payment plan using the savings from his job at a Japanese restaurant.

Mr Kamogari received the Amazon package on 18 November. He was “gutted” upon opening the package as “there were just two boxes of Weetabix my heart sank.”

He said: “So I contacted Amazon straight away but they just froze my account. I have no idea what’s going on. I think I have been scammed.”

Although he bought the item on a monthly payment plan he has been unable to cancel the direct debit due to his Amazon account being frozen. He has “not received any support from the company”, The Argus reports.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We have been made aware and have launched an urgent investigation.”

Mr Kamogari’s boss Shun Tomii, owner of the Shiki restaurant, has been helping his employee. Mr Tomii said: “This has been so stressful for him – he can’t eat cereal anymore.

Searching online, Mr Tomii said he has found out “there are other people like Yoshi who have received Weetabix boxes after placing Amazon orders. This is totally not his fault”.

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