And finally… car dealer

A police department has said it is “embarrassed” after a volunteer officer was caught using police vehicles to sell drugs.

Sheriff Grady Judd, head of the police department in Polk County, Florida, said the incident “makes me so crazy I want to pluck my eyeballs out one at a time”, FOX 13 reports.

The volunteer, David Roberts, joined the force 12 years ago – despite being a convicted felon, which should have immediately ruled him out.

“He’s been a stellar volunteer, very well-loved, done a good job, except when he’s selling oxys out of the car, using it as cover,” Sheriff Judd said. “I am livid.”

When officers searched Mr Roberts’ home, they also found cannabis and firearms which he was not allowed to possess due to his burglary conviction.

After he was arrested, Mr Roberts was said to have told officers “I can’t be a convicted felon, I’ve been voting all the way to Nixon”.

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