And finally… CaN sOmEtHiNg Be DoNe?

British peers have kicked up a fuss about the quality of the heavily subsidised food and drink available in the House of Lords.

In letters and emails sent to parliamentary authorities and published by openDemocracy, members of the unelected chamber moaned about the quantity of salmon and quality of wine.

“There are only so many smoked salmon or prawn and crayfish salads one can take week after week,” one wrote. “Both the Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc are really poor quality […] Can something be done?”

Another expressed unhappiness with a change of catering staff and called for the previous “lady chef” to be brought back, while a third peer said the “current offering of salads leaves much to be desired”.

Restaurants and bars in Parliament have been subsidised to the tune of £25 million over the past three years.

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