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Judges have called on Kentucky’s state governor to veto a bill which would allow lawyers to carry guns in court.

Dozens of judges, police officers and victims’ advocates joined a courthouse protest calling on Democratic Governor Andy Beshear to veto House Bill 690, WDRB-TV reports.

Originally narrowly focused on changing the composition of the Kentucky Judicial Council, the bill was amended at a late stage to include the controversial provision expanding the list of people who can carry guns in court to include all licensed attorneys.

Morgan McGarvey, who leads the Democratic opposition in the Republican-dominated Kentucky Senate, said: “I am as strongly opposed to this bill as I possibly could be. Not only was this the most innocuous bill that this provision could be attached to but it was also one that nobody took the time to look at.”

He added: “[Courtrooms are] an adversarial place where we resolve disputes for people peacefully. Adding guns to any licensed attorney takes away that security.”

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