And finally… auto motive

A cyclist who reported a motorist to police for allegedly using his phone behind the wheel is facing a £1,000 fine for his trouble.

Bristol cyclist Tom Bosanquet, 42, submitted footage from his headcam to an online portal for reporting road traffic offences after spotting a motorist with a phone in his hand, The Times reports.

In the video, the cyclist can be heard telling the motorist: “Why have you got a phone in your hand? Put your phone away while you’re driving.”

However, police are now investigating Mr Bosanquet on the basis that the nine-second confrontation held up traffic and led another motorist to drive through a red light out of “frustration”.

Shortly after uploading the footage, he received a notice of intended prosecution for the offence of “riding a cycle on a road without reasonable consideration for other road users”.

The two motorists are also facing investigation and prosecution. Mr Bosanquet said: “The proper culprits are being dealt with and I am sort of strange collateral.”

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