And finally… art attack

Ancient artefacts worth around €4.7 million were destroyed by a man who was angry at his girlfriend, authorities have said.

Brian Hernandez, 21, was arrested shortly after a late-night rampage through the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), which has no connection with him or his partner.

He allegedly told a security guard responding to the break-in that he did it because he was “mad at his girl”, FOX 4 KDFW reports.

Many of the destroyed items were artefacts from ancient Greece, including a sixth-century vase and a pyxis dating as far back as 450 BC.

Agustin Arteaga, an official with the DMA, said: “It was someone that seemed to be angry, and his purpose was to get his anger exercised with the smashing, anything that he could find of glass.

“He went through other spaces and did not hurt any other works, didn’t touch anything, didn’t have the intention of stealing anything. It was just his anger that drove that person to do what it did.”

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