And finally… apples and oranges

Swiss fruit farmers are facing a trade mark battle with Apple as the tech giant seeks a monopoly on the use of images of apples.

The 111-year-old Fruit-Union Suisse uses a red apple with a white cross – a reference to the Swiss flag – as its logo.

The organisation, which represents Swiss farmers, is concerned that it will have to change its logo if Apple succeeds in a bid to trade mark all depictions of apples, WIRED reports.

Jimmy Mariéthoz, director of the Fruit-Union Suisse, said: “Theoretically, we could be entering slippery territory every time we advertise with an apple.”

He added: “We’re not looking to compete with Apple; we have no intention of going into the same field as them.

“Apple didn’t invent apples … We have been around for 111 years. And I think apples have been around for a few thousand more.”

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