And finally… leaf to appeal

And finally... leaf to appeal

A person dressed as a Christmas tree who slashed car tires at a meat warehouse is being sought by police.

The unknown individual slashed the tires of 21 vehicles at the warehouse in the village of Warzymice in northwest Poland.

CCTV footage of the suspect shows them conducting their villainy in full tree garb.

A representative for the company that owns the warehouse, Mateusz Watral, told TVN24 that the suspect was recorded loitering around the premises before turning themselves into a tree with nearby branches.

“In my opinion, this was more of a guerilla [action] than a well-prepared operation,” said Watral. “Along the way he lost his ‘camouflage’, branches were scattered everywhere.”

A reward of 50,000 to 60,000 zloty (up to £11,000) is being offered to anyone who can identify the suspect.

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