Aberdeen School of Law hosts Taiwanese scholars

Aberdeen School of Law hosts Taiwanese scholars

Professors Tseng and Chen pictured alongside Professors Couzigou and Yihdego

Aberdeen University’s School of Law hosted two Taiwanese scholars as part of its Visiting Researchers Programme.

The School of Law hosted Yea-Jen Tseng, professor of international law at the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Hsin-Chih Chen, professor at the Department of Political Science at the National Cheng-Kung University, from 27 January to 6 February.

Professor Tseng’s research focuses on international law-making and the non-nuclear proliferation regime, a cross-disciplinary area between international law and international relations.

Professor Chen is interested in power transition theory and hegemony in the history of international relations. He is currently working on the Chinese approach of hegemony-seeking in the international society.

Professors Tseng and Chen discussed research and teaching collaboration with members of the Research Centre for Constitutional and Public International Law.

Professor Tseng also delivered a seminar: ‘Iran’s Nuclear Talks: The Beginning of the NPT Regime Adjustment’ at the School of Law. In this seminar, she analysed the negotiation process related to the Iranian nuclear programme from 2003 to today and its impact on the evolution of the non-nuclear proliferation regime.

Following this seminar, Professor Chen shortly addressed the current power of the United States and China, two nuclear-weapon States, and the competition between those two states for world hegemony. The event with Professors Tseng and Chen was well attended by students and staff, including Professors Irène Couzigou and Zeray Yihdego.

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