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In a new article, Neil Beynon considers the new UK/EU extradition provisions in light of events in London, Salisbury and Sicily, and what happens where there is no treaty between states. "An extradition occurs where one sovereign state delivers, i.e. hands over, a person who is accused or convicted

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A German court has rejected the extradition of an Albanian man to the UK over concerns about British prison conditions – in the second judgment of its kind this year. In June, an Irish court made the same decision when it declined to extradite an individual to Scotland, citing concerns that he

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Terra Firma Chambers’ Fred Mackintosh QC and Aidan O’Neil QC of Ampersand Advocates have successfully represented the appellant in an appeal before the Supreme Court against the decision of the Scottish ministers to extradite him to the US. The Supreme Court decided that the extradition

1-3 of 3 Articles