Views asked for on reform of succession law

Views asked for on reform of succession law

Views are today being asked for on proposals that will modernise specific aspects of succession law by MSPs on the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee.

The Succession (Scotland) Bill is a Scottish Law Commission bill, implementing certain recommendations from their 2009 report.

It proposes reforms to succession relating to the end of a marriage or partnership and other instances; protections for trustees and executors of wills; and rights of succession in particular circumstances.

The committee is asking if the proposals will clarify the law and improve it.

Convener of the committee Nigel Don MSP said: “The intention of this legislation is to clarify and improve the law on succession.

“Whilst it may appear that these changes are technical, it will, amongst other things, have an impact on issues relating to inheritance and who would be entitled to assets when someone dies without leaving a will.

“The committee would like to hear from as many organisations and individuals as possible.”

The committee is asking for views in the following areas:

  • The bill makes a number of individual provisions in terms of succession. In each case, does the approach meet the intentions of making the law fairer, clearer and more consistent?
  • Are there any provisions not included in the bill which you consider should be?
  • How will the bill improve the law of succession in Scotland?
  • Do you have any concerns about the approach taken in the bill?
  • What are the financial implications of the bill?
  • Are there any equality issues arising from the bill?
  • The committee’s call for evidence is open until 6pm on Friday 7 August.

    The consultation document can be downloaded from the Scottish government website.

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