Thompsons Solicitors announces new partner and associate promotions

Thompsons Solicitors announces new partner and associate promotions

Thompsons Solicitors has announced two new partners along with the promotion of three new associates. Peter O’Donnell (pictured right) and David Martyn who jointly manage the firm’s employment law team are appointed partner and will continue to build on their success with trade union clients across Scotland.

Mr O’Donnell, who joined Thompsons in 2007, and Mr Martyn, who joined in 2009, have grown the number of trade union clients represented by the firm and are regularly involved in some of the country’s most high profile employment cases.

The most notable recently being the securing of a financial deal for Tullis Russell workers in Fife and a similar settlement for workers in Ayrshire made redundant with 15 minutes notice by one of Mike Ashley’s companies.

Thompsons Solicitors announces new partner and associate promotions

Mr Martyn (pictured right) said: “With the uncertainties for employees created by our impending departure from the European Union and the ongoing attacks against the rights of trade unions and their members, it’s a huge privilege to be asked to lead Scotland’s only specialist trade union employment law team at this time.”

Mr O’Donnell added: “Robust defence of people rights in the work place has never been more relevant in the turbulent times we find ourselves. I’m very privileged to be able to work with Scotland’s top employment law team and these promotions for David and myself are as much a recognition of the whole team as anything else.”

Wendy Durie, partner at Thompsons, said: “The contribution that both Peter and David have made to expanding and developing the employment team are difficult to overestimate. Both are extremely dedicated and hard working.”

Thompsons has also made three associate promotions: Lindsay Bruce who works in mass litigation and who joined the firm in 2007, Craig Smillie who joined Thompsons in 2010 and is a key figure in the firms highly successful lung disease team and Greg McEwen who joined in 2013 and is a prominent member of the firms road traffic accident team.

Ms Durie added: “Lindsay, Craig and Greg are all highly valued members of the firm and have shown huge commitment in what are very challenging roles. Lindsay has been central to the ongoing success of some of our largest and most high profile cases. She represents parents affected by the baby ashes scandal which has made headline news across the country as well as clients whose lives have been turned upside down by faulty surgical mesh implants.

“These are difficult cases in which we have large numbers of clients, many of whom are very vulnerable and emotional. Lindsay has shown great empathy and dedication when dealing with them. Craig’s role in our lung disease team is crucial and his forensic approach to many of these highly complex cases has made a huge difference.

“Greg is one of the most prominent members of our highly successful RTA team where his hard work and attention to detail has marked him out from the start as one of the firms leading lights. I’m very proud of all three of them and as with our two new partners they are very deserving of their promotions.”

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