Thompsons’ lawyer confirms legal action over Hepatitis A outbreak in Airdrie

Thompsons' lawyer confirms legal action over Hepatitis A outbreak in Airdrie

A lawyer representing victims of food poisoning and other mass contamination outbreaks has confirmed he has been contacted by several victims of the Airdrie Hepatitis A outbreak who want to begin legal action.

Patrick McGuire from Thompsons Solicitors (pictured) said: “After the news emerged on Friday that the number of cases had risen from nine to 42 we started taking calls. Things are at an early stage legally but any one of these people who have been confirmed by the health authorities as having contracted Hep A will have a very strong case.

“It’s obviously of great relief that the source of the outbreak, Christies Bakery, has now been given the all clear but for those who contracted this illness it’s been a very worrying and highly unpleasant experience.”

Hepatitis A is caused by contact with human waste and spread by poor hand washing hygiene. It causes a flu-like illness with loss of appetite, fever and abdominal pains. And although victims will recover in time it can lead to substantial periods of absence from employment.

Mr McGuire added: “In a previous case against Gleneagles hotel and in my ongoing case against Scottish Water, not only have we secured settlements for victims who lost wages through absence from work but also substantial amounts for the pain and suffering caused by the contamination. I expect these Airdrie cases to be very similar.”

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