Terra Firma Chambers’ members to participate in land reform symposium

Alasdair Sutherland

Terra Firma ChambersRobert Sutherland and Alasdair Sutherland will once again participate in the University of Aberdeen’s Land Reform in Review Symposium on Thursday 20 August 2015 at The Old Senate Room, Old Aberdeen.

Last August, a panel of legal experts met at the University to consider the Final Report of the Land Reform Review Group, “The Land of Scotland and the Common Good”.

Much has happened since then. The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 received Royal Assent on 24 July 2015, whilst the much publicised Land Reform (Scotland) Bill was unveiled by the Scottish Parliament just before the beginning of its summer recess.

That bill contains proposals for transparency of landownership, fiscal reform for the treatment of shooting estates, and measures relating to agricultural holdings (drawing on the work of the Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group), to name but a few.

Separately, there are proposals for reforming the law of succession and the residential landlord and tenant sector, meaning land reform is as topical as ever.

This symposium will consider matters across the wide spectrum of practice areas that land law reform touches on, including matters such as energy and planning law.

Malcolm Combe

The session will be chaired by Malcolm Combe from the University of Aberdeen, an adviser to the LRRG appointed in June 2013.

Alasdair Sutherland’s talk will focus on how the concept of sustainable development interacts with Scottish land reform measures and Robert Sutherland, a recognised expert in agricultural and rural affairs, will also contribute to proceedings.

The event will be followed by a drinks reception, once again sponsored by Terra Firma Chambers.

Attendance is free of charge. For further information including details of how to book a place at this event, please visit the School of Law’s website.

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