Six new partners unveiled at Graham + Sibbald

Six new partners unveiled at Graham + Sibbald

Pictured (clockwise from top left): Fergus Mair, Graeme Boyd, Dominic McCormick, Andrew Thomson, Kerri McGuire and Claire Galbraith

Graham + Sibbald has promoted Fergus Mair, Graeme Boyd, Dominic McCormick, Claire Galbraith, Kerri McGuire and Andrew Thomson to partner level.

Senior partner Les McAndrew said: “Graham + Sibbald is no different to any other business at the moment, striving to deal with all the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown at us over the last six months.

“However, our business cannot and does not stand still forever and these promotions not only reflect the performance of these individuals through the pandemic which has been simply outstanding, but also their roles in the modernisation and growth of the business over recent years to a record year of trading last year.

“Whilst it might be an easier decision to make no promotions right now, I would argue that this would be the wrong thing to do. In my view, these appointments come at absolutely the right time, helping the business recover from Covid-19 but also start to move us forward again, hopefully taking us to new record levels of trading, market conditions permitting.

“For the senior management of G+S, it is pleasing to see these individuals stepping up to the plate, and having confidence in not only their own abilities, but also confidence in the firm and the strength of our business, that they want to join us as partners. We more than look forward to welcoming them to the partnership team.”

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