SHRC urges politicians not to weaken human rights after general election

SHRC urges politicians not to weaken human rights after general election

An expert body has urged politicians to strengthen human rights after the general election.

The Scottish Human Rights Council (SHRC) said in a reporton future human rights legislation that debate surrounding such rights was “regressive”.

It called on all political parties to advance human rights.

Professor Alan Miller, chairman of the SHRC (pictured), said the report provided a test for proposed changes to human rights law in the UK.

He added: “Changes to the UK’s human rights laws would have a direct impact on the lives of people in Scotland, particularly in areas like immigration, defence and some aspects of welfare.

“Pointing to the development of Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights as a progressive approach that could be replicated elsewhere, the commission calls on all politicians to ensure that human rights laws go forwards, not back.”

Professor Miller continued: “This is a time to test commitment to the fundamental principles and values enshrined in our human rights laws and international obligations.

“We must not allow regressive changes to slip through, or opportunities to improve people’s lives to be missed. All of us deserve better than that.”

The Conservatives have said they want to scrap the Human Rights Act 1998and replace it with a “British bill of rights”.

Prime minister, David Cameron said his party is also considering withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights following the election.

However SHRC said such a move would destabilise the international system of human rights and send a damaging message across Europe.

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