Scullion LAW celebrates 8th Annual Interschool’s Debating Cup

Scullion LAW has hosted its eighth annual schools debating competition. This year 10 schools from across Lanarkshire participated in the Debating Cup, discussing topics such as penalising sporting teams for poor behaviour of their fans; whether Scottish university students should be required to work in their country of origin for a number of years after graduation and the banning of security cameras as an invasion of privacy.

The final round of the cup will be held on 22nd November 2017.

Nicholas Scullion, managing partner said: “It is very encouraging for us as a small local business to be able to proudly associate ourselves with the incredible talent and youth in our society. We believe the Debating Cup is something that leaves a positive and lasting impression on their lives.”

He added: “We are thrilled by the ongoing commitment and can’t believe this is now the 8th annual Debating Cup. Some of the pupils we have had the pleasure of meeting have gone on to study law, after coming in to do their work placements here. Others have gone on to study English and Politics, and others study Business. Our doors at Scullion LAW are always open.”

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