Scottish police caught running red lights and speeding nine times per month

policescotlandScottish police are being caught running red lights or speeding nearly nine times per month reports the Daily Record.

1,343 notices of intended prosecution were given to staff at Police Scotland since it was formed in April 2013.

Among those, 1,154 were deemed null and void because of the “emergency services exemption” – this allows 999 crews to exceed speed limits on their way to emergencies.

An additional 15 were cancelled as a result of being handed out “in error”.

This leaves 174, or about nine instances per month, of police officers breaking the law.

A spokesman for the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “Every police officer has to realise he or she is seen as an ambassador for road safety and must behave accordingly.

“Reducing the number of contraventions should be a target for senior police managers.”

An officer was found last month to be driving at 136mph on the A90 Dundee to Aberdeen road – nearly double the 70mph speed limit.

The officer did not face punishment even though he was not attending an emergency.

Sandy Allan, road safety manager for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Scotland, said: “The police need to respond to emergencies, but this type of driving creates a significant extra risk to police officers in the car and to other road users.”

Motorists caught speeding are subject to a minimum fine of £100 as well as three penalty points.

Those who run a red light face at least three points in addition to a £60 fine.

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