Scottish government introduces succession bill to Parliament

Scottish government introduces succession bill to Parliament

Some of the Scottish Law Commission’s proposed reforms to succession have been introduced to the Parliament in a Scottish government bill.

The Succession (Scotland) Bill would see a spouse or civil partner who is named as beneficiary or appointed executor in a will treated as having predeceased the testator where the civil partnership or marriage has been brought to an end by annulment or divorce – in the absence of contrary provision.

This is the same treatment that would be given to a survivorship destination in a property title.

Other proposed reforms include:

  • a process for rectifying a will drafted by someone other than the testator – where a court is satisfied the will does not accurately reflect the instructions of the testator;
  • providing clearly that revoked wills are not revived upon revocation of a subsequently created will
  • making additional provision for simultaneous deaths or situations where it is not clear who survived whom;
  • abolition of donation mortis causa while preserving other forms of conditional gift.
  • You can view the bill and associated papers here.

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