Royal Navy worker convicted of culpable homocide after killing with one punch

Royal Navy worker convicted of culpable homocide after killing with one punch

A worker at Faslane Naval Base has been convicted of killing a man with a single punch after losing £1,000 at a casino in Glasgow.

Kallum Delaney, 20, admitted punching 27-year old Robin Thomson outside the casino in the early hours of 23 September 2014, but claimed Mr Thomson had challenged him to a fight and he felt “threatened”.

Mr Delaney and Mr Thomson had been playing at the same roulette table inside the casino, but had not interacted with each other before the attack.

Mr Thomson suffered a neck fracture in the assault, which led to spinal cord damage and his death two days later at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Oliver James, who was at the casino with Mr Delaney, told the High Court in Glasgow he could tell his friend was “annoyed” after leaving the casino because he did not want to walk with him.

He said Mr Delaney - who claimed to have lost £1,000 while gambling - had asked him angrily: “Why did you let me lose money?”

Mr James then went on to witness Mr Delaney’s attack, telling the court: “I saw Kallum hit and he went down.

“Once Kallum had done it he looked shocked. I told him to go.

“I went over to the lad just expecting him to get up, but he was unconscious.”

Prosecutor Sheena Fraser put to Mr Delaney: “You were blaming Oliver James for losing the money and you are now blaming Robin Thomson for you hitting him.”

The jury rejected Mr Delaney’s account of events and returned a guilty verdict for culpable homicide.

Judge Lord Glennie deferred sentencing.

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