Registers of Scotland’s Knowledge Base - an invaluable resource

Registers of Scotland is proud to be celebrating its 400 year anniversary this month. For four centuries we have been the guardians of Scotland’s Land Register and have played a unique role in relation to property transactions in Scotland. We are proud of our rich history and the part we have played in underpinning the Scottish economy. By no means though are we resting on our laurels. We are constantly working to find digital solutions to help our customers work more efficiently, and to serve the needs of our shared property market.

A key element of our ongoing digital transformation has been the development of our Knowledge Base website. Knowledge Base makes our guidance easier to use than ever and has been developed with the user at heart. The Knowledge Base is our new home for registration guidance and support content. It’s task-based, accessible and searchable, and is based on user testing and input.

Enhancements include:

• a new site search, with suggested articles, synonyms and spelling error suggestions

• improved readability and page layout

• HTML web pages, replacing our old PDF format for guidance

• in-page navigation menus

• labels to let you know when we update guidance

Through workshops and meetings with internal and external colleagues, we were able to identify those who are using our guidance. We also found out how our information was being used and have made it as accessible as possible. Our research has informed the structure and style of the content, and it will help us to continually update and develop the Knowledge Base. We are working towards becoming a fully digital business by 2020, and the Knowledge Base is an important step on that journey, helping us to best support our customers.

You can access the Knowledge Base at

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