Police investigate collapsed firm McClure Solicitors over allegations of fraud

Police investigate collapsed firm McClure Solicitors over allegations of fraud

Police Scotland is investigating potential fraud at a failed law firm.

McClure Solicitors, which was founded in Greenock in 1853, went into administration about three years ago. The work of the firm, which also operated in the north of England, was taken on by Jones Whyte.

Campaign group Victims of McClure Solicitors argues that the failed firm fraudulently managed a number of family protection trusts.

Mike Pilbeam, from the campaign group, told STV: “The complaint is basically one of fraudulent activity committed over a 20-year period against their clients.

“There are other associated allegations that have been made and there may well be other situations that come out of the woodwork as more and more clients become aware of what has gone on.”

Stuart McMillan, an SNP MSP, who has raised the issue at Holyrood, said: “Since McClure went into administration dozens of constituents and people from across the UK have been in touch with my office seeking support.

“Potentially still thousands more are unaware they may have not received the services from McClure they paid for.”

Andrew J Robertson, former managing director of the firm, said: “We dispute that clients were misled to pay for a trust. It was our responsibility to advise clients but it was left to them to decide whether or not they wished to have a trust.

“From 2019, each meeting with one of our consultants was recorded with the client’s consent so that management could monitor that no undue pressure was being brought to bear. No one is more disappointed that McClure’s became unsustainable due to Covid restrictions than me.”

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